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  • Recruiting

    BIC-INT is a placement agency, establishing connections between employers and employees in the (inter)national transportation and logistics sector.

  • Experienced

    BIC-INT has in its portfolio a vast set of experienced national and international drivers with a minimum of three years job experience.

  • Forklift

    Experienced forklift drivers with a high degree of flexibility and good sense of responsibility.

  • Logistics

    Your company can cut costs if you place the right logistics employee in just the right place.

  • Technical

    BIC can recruit the most suitable candidate for the appropriate workplace and for other technical activities.

Welcome to the website of BIC International!

Placement for international and domestic drivers and logistics personnel!

Bemideling (inter)nationaal chauffeurs en logistiek personeelBIC is a company that acts as an intermediary between employers / contractors and employees / drivers in the international and domestic transport and logistics sector.

BIC converts the market demands into work; however, it is not a temporary work agency but a placement agency.

Our team is busy with the placement of professional drivers / employees and is looking for suitable positions with transportation and logistics companies. Thereby, the BIC team brings together employers and employees.

Our focus is on bringing people together with a personal and human-oriented touch. With regard to the employers / contractors as well as for employees / drivers. Based on the functional profile developed by the employer, we select the correct applicant. We select people with discipline, outstanding education and work experience. Our candidates have a high degree of flexibility. Persons selected by the BIC team can communicate in Dutch, English and German languages. This way, you can be sure to engage a valuable employee.

The BIC team will work intensively to provide optimum support for employer and candidate.

We are looking forward to your non obligatory contact with us and we will demonstrate to you that we can fulfil your expectations for your personnel.



BIC has at its disposal an extensive and current portfolio of domestic and international drivers / logistics employees with a minimum of three years of work experience.

Our drivers come from all over Europe and must master Dutch, English and German languages.

To be considered for placement, the drivers must have sufficient know-how, expertise, knowledge and experiences in driving capabilities, safety, law and services.

Our drivers and logistics staff feature a high degree of flexibility and have no problem to be away from home for extended periods. BIC selects its applicants with particular emphasis on this criterion. BIC also places forklift drivers and technical personnel.


Every company has its specific operations structure, and BIC very much bears this in mind when looking for the perfect candidate for the perfect position. BIC engages with full commitment for the employer as well as for the driver. The starting point is the identification of an employer with the right set of conditions where the driver will feel happy.

BIC is not a temporary work agency but a placement agency. The ultimate agreements regarding the work relationship and also regarding salary are made between the employer and the driver directly.

BIC continuously maintains contact with the placed drivers, in order to evaluate if everything goes well. All three parties, employer, driver and BIC share the same interests. The employer wants a good driver, the driver wants a good employer, and BIC wants two satisfied parties.

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